The Indian Cat Federation - "ICF", is a society formed to interact with Pet Cat owners, Cat Breeders and Cat Lovers in the Indian Sub-Continent.  ICF, is member of the World Cat Federation (WCF).

With the association of the WCF, we are aiming to achieve the following: 

To bring together cat owners under one banner to look after the affairs of cats, as per international norms. 

To educate cat owners and breeders, the right ways and methods accepted by the WCF.

To conduct exhibitions, competitions, meetings /seminars in India.

To issue certification of breed and class of cats.

To support activities for the betterment of the cat population.

To stop cruelty towards the stray cats and to create awareness.

We invite you to join the Indian Cat Federation.


1. General Member: 

Cat Owners, Cat loving individuals, Pet Professionals and Pet business owners 

Annual Fee: IRs. 1000 /- 

2. Breeder: 

Professional and Hobby Breeders 

Annual Fee: IRs. 2000 /-

3. Clubs: 

Cat Clubs and Associations 

Annual Fee: IRs. 3000 /-

Please find the ICF Membership Form below. You may download the form, fill up and send the scanned copy to ICF Email:[email protected] to apply for membership